We are inaugurating and what better way to start than with two of the best in the business:

Emma Roca and Sean Fowler

Emma Roca Trail Camp is 5 days of total immersion in Trail Running in the majestic setting of La Cerdanya.

Train, learn, share and live with an elite ultra-distance athlete, mother of 3 children, professional fire fighter, entrepreneur, founder of Projecte Summit and biochemist Emma Roca and, at the same time, cook and learn the basic concepts of nutrition with the current chef of the Cannondate-Drapac Pro Cycling Team, Sean Fowler.

. Don’t delay, reserve now.

Share knowledge, experience and time together to discover

what works best for you!

 We suggest small changes that will give you better results and make a difference.
We introduce new habits adapted to your lifestyle and condition.
✓ We talk about all aspects that affect your potential and performance.
✓ We share successes, failures, experiences, concerns and achievements.
We help you understand what is achievable and give you tools to make better decisions.

Like ying and yang, like two wheels on a bicycle, like day and night…and like a myriad of metaphors, in which one does not go without the other, we present our philosophy which we will use during the Emma Roca Trail Camp.

What is included in the Emma Roca Trail Camp?

  • 4 nights in the Hotel Intrépid, La Cerdanya (details below).
  • Transport during the camp.
  • Full board accommodation starting 18 (10:00) to 22 (16:00) October 2017.
  • Trail running training sessions including a night session with Emma.
  • Running technique session and workshop with an elite coach.
  • Sports nutrition including the possiblity to cook with Sean.
  • Insurance for 5 days.
  • Train along the route of the Ultra Pyrenees.
  • Health check with blood and urine tests.
  • Talks about altitude training, running shoes, clothing, nutrition and hydration.
  • Update of the latest evolutions.
  • Talks about the mental and spiritual side of trail running, of patience, of acceptance, of respect and perseverance.
  • You will receive suggestions of how to modify your lifestyle to improve performance.
  • Welcome pack.
  • Equipment raffle.

Surrondings and Accommodation

A unique place for your adventure in La Cerdanya, known as the great valley of the Pyrenees, that offers endless possibilities for nature, sport and gastronomy. The Hotel Intrêpid, the brainchild of a family that is passionate about sports and the Cerdanya,  caters for every detail so that the guests can get maximum benefit from the TrailCamp.

So without further ado here are all the details to sign up. As this is a personalized camp we have limited to number of participants. The Emma Roca Trail Camp is only for 12 people passionate about trail running. Starting with welcome pack on Wednesday, October 18 and ending with the raffle of  material on Sunday, October 22 at 4:00 p.m.

Full board accommodation, training, presence of Emma and Sean, transport and kitchen  all included for € 1,500 (valued at € 300 / day).

Thank you for your interest in ERTC, we are excited about this camp! We love to give you the opportunity to train as an elite athlete and to be part of your passion for trail running. We are absolutely clear that the information and knowledge provided by our training camp will help you unlock your true potential.


As a pioneer and for putting yourself in the hands of Emma Roca and Sean Fowler, we want to offer you a promotional price, a price to reflect your confidence in our first sports camp involving elite professionals of the Cerdanya.


Inaugural price for the Emma Roca Trail Camp is € 1,250! (Valued at € 250 / day).

A unique and unrepeatable price, only for the occasion.


Contact us for a discounted price for 2 or more people and sign up with your friends!

Ready to find your formula to unlock your potential with

Emma Roca y Sean Fowler?

Book now and live 5 days like an elite athlete!

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