Back to basics, learn and enjoy every kilometre!

Train, live and cook with Emma Roca and Sean Fowler  for 5 days of immersion in Trail Running to identify the small changes that will make a big difference to your performance. Discover what works for you and why!

We want to inaugurate b2bcaps.com and what better way to start than with two of the best in the business:

Emma Roca and Sean Fowler

Emma Roca Trail Camp is 5 days of total immersion in Trail Running in the majestic setting of La Cerdanya.

Train, learn, share and live with an elite ultra-distance athlete, mother of 3 children, professional fire fighter, entrepreneur, founder of Projecte Summit and biochemist Emma Roca.

Cook and learn the basic concepts of nutrition with the current chef of the Cannondate-Drapac Pro Cycling Team, Sean Fowler.



Camp exclusive for 12 runners

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“Both Sean and I and the other coaches will explain the reasons for every suggestion we make, so that you can find what is best for you and how to fit it into your daily schedule to improve your trail running and enjoy every kilometre.

Without stress or pressure, everyone at their own pace! “

Emma Roca


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